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V-Covery By Delfogo

Neck Cream by DelfogoIf you’ve been reading my site, you know the battle I had in getting rid of turkey neck and how I finally stumbled into an advertisement for a neck cream called “V-Covery” by Delfogo.  I was never a firm believer in skin care creams, but the advancement in science, and something called cosmeceuticals, (which I admit I had to look up at first) has really taken the anti aging skin care product industry to new levels.  Upon doing some research, I found out that companies like Delfogo are basically adding regulated concentrations of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, (such as Matrixyl 3000), to their formulas.  This means that neck creams such as V-Covery feature ingredients that would require a prescription if they had a higher concentration of their potent ingredients.

Anyways, I ordered a two-bottle set of the Delfogo V-Covery and waited patiently for it to arrive in the mail. After three days, it showed up, and I tore open the package.  I used as directed for 30 days, and was very pleased at the results.  After one week, I could feel my neck being more firm and the wrinkles that once plagued my neck were starting to be less noticeable.    My gosh, I thought, could this really be working?  Could I finally be on my way to getting rid of my turkey neck?

Upon doing further research, out of sheer curiosity, I found that the product contains an ingredient called Lipocare. Lipocare contains a patented blend of clinically tested ingredients that synergistic-ally accelerate lipid release from fatty storage around the neck area. This excess skin condition is often referred to as “turkey neck,” a term I was used to hearing but embarrassed to repeat.   So, maybe I can contribute some of the success of this neck cream to that ingredient.  I went back to Delfogo’s page on the V-Covery cream, and found out there is one final cosmeceutical ingredient called Essenskin that is probably another big reason I saw so much success with this neck cream.  I hope I don’t get in trouble for pasting this information, but I thought it was summed up best on their website:

“Mature skin suffers from essential nutrient deficiencies (minerals, vitamins, amino acids). This causes skin slackening, skin thinning, dull complexion, irregular skin surface, dehydration and age spots. For these reasons , Delfogo has formulated the V-Covery Cream with a new ingredient to help to fortify and restructure thin and fragile skin on the neck and upper chest area. This new ingredient, known as ESSENSKIN™, is a complementary source of calcium and essentialamino acids and is especially designed to reboost cell metabolism and protein synthesis, rebalance ion flow and recreate calcium gradient in order to regulate the barrier homeostasis and the epidermal differentiation. The efficacy of Essenskin has been demonstrated in clinical studies. In one double-blind study, stimulation of metabolism was demonstrated with an increase of cell multiplication (+213%) and protein synthes is (+135%). This test showed that ESSENSKIN™ protects the cells from an osmotic shock with a cell viability of +454%.

Another breakthrough clinical study was carried out on 29 female volunteers , mean age 60 years old, with mature skin and sagging neckline, under no hormonal treatment, randomised half application of a cream containing 2.5% ESSENSKIN™ or a placebo on the face, arm and neck. This study demonstrated a significant and visible improvement of the skin density (+68%), firmness and elasticity for 80% of the subjects. Moreover, the skin was shown to be more resistant (+21%) and smoother.”

I feel I have a good understanding of how this neck cream works, and my results were simply amazing. After using the two bottles of V-Covery Cream I significantly reduced the appearance of neck wrinkles, and basically ELIMINATED my turkey neck.  No more being the butt of jokes, no more embarassment.  I suffered long enough, and since money is tight, I took a chance.  That chance has paid off dividends, and I now am more confident when I am out in public and in social functions.

I am not a paid advertiser or anything like that, I want to make that very clear.  This is my turkey neck story, and I thought I would tell everyone about it.

You can find the V-Covery Cream at the official website of Delfogo Skin Care.

Neck Creams

Neck cream?  Really?  Before anyone starts to ask “why in the world would I need a neck cream?” I figured it would be best to tell my story…..this story is about aging, and has to do with an imperfection on my skin that people often made comments about.

Just look at the photo above, in the header of this website, and you’ll see an image of a neck that just isn’t shaped properly.  I sought help, I asked people for suggestions, but in the end, what worked fro me was a neck cream.

Luckily, I stumbled into a phenomenal anti aging neck cream treatment called “V-Covery” by Delfogo.  Before I tell you more about the cream that saved my decollete area, read my story so you can see how hard I looked around before taking a shot on this miracle formula.

Neck CreamI was called “turkey neck” for quite some time.  Friends, family members, and even some not-so-nice strangers that I happened to meet were calling me this absurd name.  Of course, at first it was somewhat friendly jest, but as the name became widespread and mainstream, it really started to hit me on a personal level.  I was called this offensive name due to the sagging skin under my jaw that would flail around like a turkey’s neck when the wind blew or when I made sudden movements.  In case you were wondering, being called “turkey neck” is NOT something I consider a compliment.  This turkey neck was something I had to get rid of, once and for all.

I thought about getting a cosmetic surgery, but it’s quite expensive and I wasn’t looking to be ridiculed further.  I figured a gradual, therapeutic treatment would be a better way to treat this skin condition that affects a large percent of women, and even men, over the age of 35.

So, I continued to investigate ways to tighten and strengthen the neck skin, get rid of neck wrinkles, and stop the non-sense once and for all.  A friend of mine suggested I try a targeted anti aging cream, specifically, a neck cream.  After trying several of them for months on end, I found the best neck cream, and got rid of my turkey neck once and for all.  This website is the product of my many trials of neck creams, and I hope others can enjoy the same success I had.

I promise to do my best to post my personal experiences with various neck creams, although I do think a good neck cream review is always best seen in person.  I did find that normal skin care products were NOT the answer to get rid of my turkey neck.  Instead, I found that cosmeceuticals were the best neck creams.  As I get time, I will post my experiences with a few of the neck creams I tried out there on today’s anti aging cream market.

Neck Lift Surgery – Not Worth it!!!

So, to get rid of this constant problem, that people call “Turkey Neck,” I looked into all sorts of options.  One option was neck lift surgery.  I’m not a fan of cosmetic surgeries, and I always have believed that surgery is something that should only be done should it be necessary for my health, not for my esteem.  Well, after looking into this surgery, here is what I found out…..

1.  Neck lifts can cost north of $4,000 and sometimes as much as $7,000!

2.  There is PLENTY of pain, swelling, and discomfort after a neck lift surgery.

3.  Scarring can occur after getting a neck lift surgery.

For these reasons, I opted not to persue this as a solution for my turkey neck.  Although I wasn’t happy with my necks profile, neck lift surgery just wasn’t the option for me.  I’m sure it works for some people, but for the risks that are out there, not to mention I HATE pain, I just thought it was something I would pass on.

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