Decollete Care

The Decollete area is the area of skin on your upper chest and below the jaw, including the neck area.  The skin in this zone is the most tender skin on the human body, and will be the first area to wrinkle, although often times it goes noticed as most people pay attention to their faces first. This area consists of a few sebaceous glands- for this reason,  less sebum is exuded.  For this very reason, wrinkles appear in this zone of the body before anywhere else.   The skin in the decollete area can wear down and become weathered due to a number of reasons, including:  diet, sun exposure, lack of moisturizer applied, and worst of all, overexposure to tanning beds.

Cosmetologists have advised for years that topless tanning should be avoided completely. Not only in the natural sunlight, but of course, in tanning beds as well.  The décolleté zone must be covered with a moisturizer at all times, starting from an early point in life.  While you can’t go back in time, you can start NOW and protecting this tender area of skin.

Other types of skin wrinkles that can be visible on the upper chest area are due to large breasts.  Women with large breasts are much more prone to getting sagging skin, loose skin, or even wrinkles, in this “v-zone” because as time passes, the breasts succumb to gravity, and start to sag.

Decollete skin should be treated at a minimum of three times per week from the age of 25.  This can be done with a moisturizer, but the best way to treat this skin is with an advanced neck cream, preferably one with Lipocare as a primary ingredient.  Specialized neck creams have become popular in recent years as scientists have shown major advances in treating the decollete area.

If you care about your decollete area, it’s important you apply sunblock at all times.  Remember, your face can be young and beautiful, but all the surgery in the world won’t change your decollete area.  Only neck & chest creams with specialized ingredients can reverse the signs of aging in this precious area.

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