Neck Cream

After finally curing my turkey neck once and for all, I think it’s important I get the word out about neck creams.

Neck creams have been a hidden gem among anti aging products.  Not until recently did companies start identifying the proper ingredients to use in neck cream formulas that actually work well to lift, tighten, and firm this delicate area of skin.  It seemed that every company was out there was concentrating on other anti aging creams, such as anti wrinkle creams or eye care products designed to get rid of dark under eye circles and puffiness.  However, as people don’t really have a cosmetic surgery they can look to, like botox for wrinkles, there was a great need for a specialized neck cream.  The only real way to tighten and firm the neck skin that I found was through an expensive, possibly painful – neck lift surgery.

Finally, the day has come when many companies have identified this need and now the market is flooded with neck creams.  I’m happy to report that I have found the best neck cream on the market, after many months of trial and error, and it’s part of a three-step system aimed at total rejuvenation from the neck up.

This anti aging system is made by Delfogo, and the neck cream is a component in this system that worked wonders for me.  This Delfogo system is made up of an anti wrinkle cream, called the “Wrinkle Eraser”, an Eye Serum, which has won plenty of awards online, and of course, the “V-Covery Cream” as they call their neck and chest cream.  I was leery of buying a whole system of products, as I have other products I use for facial wrinkles and dark circles, but once I tried the neck cream I was hooked.  It’s actually a very fair price for a system of three products, all with scientific ingredients like Matrixyl 3000, as well as others that are backed by some very impressive clinical studies.


Neck wrinkles and sagging skin are a big part of aging, and neck creams have become a huge hit with the few people who have jumped on their bandwagon.  Whatever product line you use, I suggest you look at incorporating a neck cream, as it certainly did help my esteem and clean up a problematic decollete area.

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