Turkey Neck – Facts, Causes, Treatments

Turkey neck cream

Turkey Neck – Facts, Causes, Treatments

With age a number of things happen to your body. When it comes to your skin, it loses its moisture and glow and also tends to become very loose. This is due to the loss of elasticity of the skin. Once it becomes loose, it tends to hang from different parts of your body. This often makes you look bad and you feel ashamed to come out in public most of the time. Different people try different ways to overcome such skin problems which is quite common with growing age. Some try the best neck firming cream and lotions, whereas, some prefer to go under the scalpel. The best solution is to visit a dermatologist and let his help you with the skin problem.

Turkey Neck

Most of you may have heard about the term turkey neck. This is basically a slang which is used to denote the loose skin that tends to hang right under your chin area. As you grow older, your skin tends to get loose. As the part of the skin under your chin also gets loose, it hangs just like the wattle of a turkey. Thus, the term turkey neck got created. It may be caused due to age or even extreme weight fluctuation in your body. In some cases, it may also be a result of genetics.

Primary Causes of Turkey Neck

In some cases, people have excess fat accumulated around the region of their necks. Although it is there is mild amounts, it tends to get severe once people start aging. The angle of the chin become more obtuse and the condition becomes more prominent. If you have a family history of turtle necks, then there is a great chance for you to have the same in your late 20s. On the other hand, most of the women tend to have turtle necks in their mid-40s and sometimes later.

As discussed above, turtle necks may also happen due to excessive weight fluctuations and as a natural result of aging. Once your skin loses its natural elasticity and develops platysmal bands, turtle necks may happen. Platysmal bands are thin bands of muscles situated in your neck. With growing age, these bands get more prominent and causes turtle neck.


There are certain creams which can help you with turtle necks. Apart from these creams, there are other ways to reduce the situation. In some cases, these can also eliminate the condition once and for all. One of the treatments involve tightening of the muscles around your neck. Just in case you experience neck or joint issues, you need to be more careful about the exercises so that you do not aggravate the condition. The exercises to treat turtle necks should be performed under the supervision of an expert.

Another way to treat turtle necks is to opt for Botox injections. This is suitable for those of you who have long bands of skin running all the way down from the base of your chin. Botox helps to make the skin plump and thus, reduce the appearance of skin folds.

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