Turkey Neck

Turkey neck is something that affects everyone as we age.  Turkey neck can happen for a myriad of reasons, but no reason can be attributed to more than sun damage.  A major reason that people get sun damage in this area is due to the fact that when we wear v-neck shirts, we are exposed to the sun in what is called the “decollete area.”  Think about all the times you wore your favorite polo shirt and didn’t add any sunblock to the neck and upper chest area.  It happens all the time, especially with golfers.

Think about it, you are so conscientious about putting sunblock on your face, legs, and arms, that the last place you look to cover is the v-zone, or decollete area.  The sun beats down on this area all day, and causes harmful damage to the skin.  I can’t say how many times I’ve come home from golfing looking like this guy.  Now, obviously this guy didn’t put any sunblock anywhere on his body, but you can see the amount of burn the neck area got due to his stupidity.


Turkey neck also happens because the skin on our necks is so much looser than other skin on the our bodies.  For one, our weight fluctuates over time, and the neck skin expands and contracts on many different occasions.  The skin is prone to wrinkling, again, due to sun damage, and from this, turkey neck happens.

The basic definition of turkey neck is about as basic as it gets.  It’s when your skin sags so much that it resembles that of a turkey.  (Gobble, gobble!)  This skin deficiency is unattractive, undesired, and gross.  Nobody wants to look at neck skin that looks like it could be chewed on like a piece of bubble gum, and for this reason I started looking around for a personal solution for this very personal problem.

Eventually, as I have documented on this blog, I stumbled into a great neck cream, and the rest is history.  Gone are the days when people call me turkey neck, or when my older brother screams “gobble, gobble” to get a rise out of me.  My skin is now tighter and more firm, so I don’t have to always worry about the way it feels when I touch it.

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